Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going Green! and other stuffs!

Long Time, No See!
I have neglected my blogging duties for too long now, and decided to make some time in between things to catch up with all my Blog Pals!
We've been busy organizing to have solar power installed for the whole house (we're tentatively booked in for this to happen in May). We're also getting solar hot water which will be done in 2 weeks. For some to me unclear reason a solar hot water needs to be separate from the house solar power.
Also after a few months of putting up with a backdoor that was slowly falling apart we ordered a new door in Dec and it was delivered 2 weeks ago and was installed yesterday! As you can see hubby did a wonderful job painting it!
Our previous door was a hollow core interior door and if you opened it too roughly you ran the risk of standing there with part of the door in your hand

Lost my crafting MoJo for a little while, but have gotten back in the swing of that again too!
This little fellow is from a Chestnut Junction pattern and he is sooooo cute! Unfortunatly he has disappeared! I think I saw him in Miss D's bedroom though!  He was too cute for him not to want him in her room!

I just love Chestnut Junction patterns! Easy to follow and always turn out super lovely!