Monday, September 27, 2010

Is it Spring?

Does Mother Nature know?
Is it Spring or is it still Winter?
Yesterday evening the weather was nice enough to haul my crochet, cup and cake outside, but today I'm sitting rugged up on the couch.
I wish we knew what season it is.
It's not easy to get dressed in the mornings!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ta DA!!!!!

And here is the after! 
Not much you caned with a 1 inch circle. This will look nice on my bedside table!

What to do when Hubby takes a kid to the dentist!

Ok I admit I'm terrified of the Dentist, so unless I have to go for myself, it is Mr J's job to take the kids to see her.
Mr L needed a filling done so his strong and handsome daddy took him to the Dentist after dropping Mum off at the nearest Op-shop! (See I did give some support! I was in the same town!)
I spend an anxious 45 minutes shopping at the Boort Op-shop (if you're ever in Boort, well worth a visit!)
And thought I'd died and gone to vintage glass heaven! 
I spend up big( $4!) and came out with 6 pirex dessert bowls, 3 cut glass dessert glasses, 2 different ice cream glasses, a cut glass bonbon dish. And finally this darn cute cut glass hair pin dish ( see pics above!)
As you can tell there is something missing from the lid (no idea what, but I'm guessing some sort of stone)
I thought it wouldn't bother me so much, but it did so this morning I'm making something to stick there!
Stay tuned!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hello Old Friend!

While putting everything back in it's place after the floods of last week, I found an old box that I hadn't looking in since arriving in Australia! (shock horror, that is 21 years ago!!)
And I found in that box a familiar old friend: my Tunisian crochet hook!! (also know as Afghan hook)
After this find all plans of housework, cleaning of the outside went out the door, as I got to reacquaint myself with this long lost friend!
I dug out my Bendigo Wool Mill cotton and have added another WIP (work in progress) to my list.
I see lovely tunisian crochet dishcloths in my future!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What a Difference a night makes

As of today the flood water are receding at a rapid pace and or town will be the lovely quiet town we love!
Flood waters peaked about 6pm last night and then started to go down steadily!
All in our household are safe and dry!

under water one day, as pretty as ever the next!

looking up the road from my front yard

water is receding

Monday, September 6, 2010

Flood update! (photo heavy post)

you got to get from A to B somehow! (bloke peddling down the street in front of my house)

view up the road from my house

from back door to garage

when the water wasn't too high yet! (it got up to the veranda)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Floods are coming!

Updated pics of the floods!

Someone is gonna get wet feet!

Our Swaggy waist deep in water

Road Trip planned and canceled


For weeks I planned a road trip with Ms M to go and visit Ms K
Ms M would get to do some driving and be closer to getting her licence and I'd get to spend quality time with my 2 eldest girls!
Bags were packed and hotel rooms booked! 
Then Friday came and lots of rain was forcast! And we said HA a little rain isn't going to stop us from this 3 hour trip! NO WAY!!!
Saturday morning was here and we're listening to the TV while getting dressed and eating breaky.
What is this?? Flood warnings on our route? HA HA HA we laugh in the face of flood warnings!!
We haven't seen decent  rain in this area in 10 years!! we're not going to let a little flood warning stop us! Ms K is waiting for us! we WILL go!!
So in the car we get and we're driving off in to the Sun rise (after all it is 8am!)

Ms M is doing well driving  in the pouring rain. And we see our first real water on the road! HOLY BATMAN there is a lot of it! and we crawl through it time and time again!
Then a friendly farmer "swimming" home with his news paper (ok he wasn't really swimming but he sure was knee deep in water!) stopped us to tell us it is not a good idea to go on the way we're going coz there is a lot of water on the other side of the bridge!! But if we turn that way and go down that street then left then right we should be right!
So we do! And with his parting words of Should be right ! in our minds we drive off and low and behold the streets get better less water and then: YAY no water at all! YES!!! we're gonna make it to Ms K after all!
With a sigh of relieve we drive on! A good 15 min of nice hardly wet road we come to another bit of road under water!! Are we going to brave it and drive through?
Good thing I checked the side of the road and saw the Floodway sign  and the stick that tells you how high the water is! It was almost 1 metre deep! 
Ms M and I looked at each other and said: OK time to turn around and go home!!
So sadly we did! 
At home we worked out a stretch of road we usually take an hour to travel took us 2 hours in the rain.

Better luck next time we hope!