Saturday, October 2, 2010

SOCK, a SOCK!!!!

foot model is the extremely handsome Lewis!

After many years of threatening to do it, I've done it!!
I've knitted my first sock, modelled above by Lewis (isn't it sad when you're 11 year old son has bigger feet then you?)
I've the partner of this beauty on the needles at the moment and hopefully will be able to wear them by Monday!!
They are so nice and toasty!

If you never knitted socks before, may I recommend: How to Knit Socks, Three Methods Made Easy by Edie Eckman?
easy to follow and lots of photos to make it even clearer! oh and also if you are a more visual learner look up verypinkknits on Youtube

I'm happy to announce both socks are finished!!! Both feet are nice and toasty as we speak!