Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another hot one!

Another hot one! Luckily not the horrible mid 40s (mid 110sF) we've been having the last week or so! I am so over Summer!! It was only 37C (98.6F) here today, still not cold enough for me! Bring on Winter I say!!

To help keep cool I locked myself into my craft room and sewed to my hearts content! 1 thing I made was for a swap, so I can't show you that. But I was thinking I needed something to remind me of the cold and I made a little Snowman bag. I've been working on this one for a while, not because it was a hard one, but more because the heat kinda zapped my craft Mojo. But is seems it has returned!! I also got an idea for an embroidered table runner half on paper, still half in my mind! I will need to make a trip to the Quilt shop for more fabric! A girl never can have of that!

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JenW!~ said...

Love that bag. The snowman is adorable.