Sunday, June 14, 2009

Talking about Love

For years I've admired people that did punchneedle, and told myself that one day I will make a punchneedle project too!
So one day 3 years ago I was looking through my newly discovered Create and Decorate magazine (June 2006 issue) and all was well until I got to page 81 and that's went I fell head over heels in love with that lovely Baa Baa Black Sheep picture and I decided that is the one I was going to make!
Fast forward to June the 13th 2009, and After spending my gift voucher a friend send me for my Birthday at "Spotlight" on a punchneedle (anyone else out there use a Boye punchneedle?) and materials, I sat down and worked until the wee hours to finish it.
Now I'm wondering what took me so long! I really enjoyed doing it and have gone crazy lookng for patterns to make!
Project 2 is now on the go! I've picked one of Primitive Betty's patterns, she has a whole bunch of freebies on her blog, they should keep me busy for ages!

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