Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've been bitten!

Since some time in January I've been reading about the Klosjes craze sweeping the world and now that most of the girls who's blogs I've been reading have finished theirs, I've jumped on the Klosjes (Klosjes is dutch for spools) bandwagon!
I went to Melbourne this weekend for my Mother in Law's Surprise 75th birthday party and decided a girl needs something to do on the 3 hour trip! So what better thing to do then start a new quilt project!!
I've drawn the pattern and am now happily making klosjes!
My blocks are 2 3/4" unfinished and I have 8 done.
I'm using any old scrap I can get my hands on for both the back ground and klosje.
I don't think I'll make 510 blocks like SuperGoof did to make a quilt, but then again who know??

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Miss Muggins said...

I could think of far worse things to be bitten by! (wouldn't mind if Edward bit me though...sigh)whoops, sorry for that little trip into my thoughts!Back on track - the spools look ace