Monday, April 27, 2009


It has finally happened!! After resisting for a good 30 years, I have given up and decided to do my Oma Lies (Grandma Lies) proud and started knitting my first pair of socks!!

After Oma Lies tried very hard to teach me when I was 14 years old, and me resisting like there was no tomorrow ( I mean Come on! Knitting socks is seriously uncool for a 14 year old!!), I was telling one of my kids about the great hand knitted socks I used to wear made with so much love by my Grandmother. Before I knew it the Nostalgia Bug bit me and I rushed off to buy a set of 4 needles to knit me some socks. Lucky for me the wool I had handy had the pattern for socks on the wrapper.
I will keep you all posted as not only is this my first pair of socks, it is also the first time I'm using an english knitting pattern!


Miss Muggins said...

Cool! I just can't get the hang of 4 needles. Is the wool striped like that or are you using lots of colours?

Jazy said...

wool is striped like that, wasn't keen to not only juggle 4 needles AND a pattern to knit in

Val - Apple Cottage said...

They're going to be great socks. Looks like you start at the top and work towards the toe. I've never knitted socks but always wondered how tricky they are to knit.