Friday, May 15, 2009

What was she thinking?

Surfing my fav blogs I came across a thread of What was She thinking in wich they are confessing to all kinds of silly things they bought.

As the perfect woman, I never buy anything silly, but I am going to dob in my Hubby!

Many many years ago (about 8y ago) J and I went to our first auction together, and after about an hour of looking at things I had what I wanted ticked on the catalog! I also had a little star next to a (what I thought was an UGLY) cake stand. At some point the stand had separated from the plate and some one did a shoddy job repairing it! The star (as any thinking person would know) was there to remind me that I wanted to see if it sold and if it did what some idiot would pay for it! 2 items before the cake stand nature called and I handed J the catalog as the item after the cakestand was something I really wanted (don't remember what it was anymore LoL) and wrote the price I was willing to pay next to it. I left to answer Nature's call.

As I was coming back the cakestand auction was just finishing and there was a bit of a bidding war happening, in the end some Idiot paid $26.50 for it, and Yes, I am married to that "Idiot"!!

Lol J thought the star meant it was something I really REALLY wanted! So he wasn't going to be outbid if his Sweety wanted it, she was going to get it! He thought it was an ugly thing, but if Jazy wanted it e was going to get it lol

Of course now I'm stuck with it! You can't throw something like that out! It would be like throwing out that "lovely" bathsalt the kids get you for Mother's day!!So without further Ado, my Prim friends: Meet UGLY Cakestand
So on wedding Anniversaries and other Special Occasions it comes out and takes pride of place on the table!


mommynoodles said...

Woo-wee! Imagine how much stuff you could have got at the TS or GW for $26.50! You probably already thought of that countless times,huh?!! lol They say we can't live w/ or w/out them idiot's(i guess)!! lol lol Did you ever think of prim'in that sucker up,or are you keeping it as is for the memories?! lol Have a "BLESSED" weekend! Natalie

Jazy said...

I've been thinking that for 8y now Natalia!!
Not sure what to do to prim it up LOL