Monday, November 23, 2009

Another work in progress!

Just what I need! Something else to do!
I bought the Christmas Pillow Cupboard Keep form Country Rustic Primitives and just could resist temptation!
I send Mr J. into work on his day off to print the pattern off after I found out the in in our printer was finished. And as the Darling that he is, he went with no complaints ( well at least not within my hearing anyway!)
This is where Iwas up to at 4:30 am, after waking up with a bad tummy ache! After that settled I couldn't sleep and just got up and did my cross stitch!
This pattern is so easy to follow, it did take a minute to get used to the small threads of the Osnaburg, but it looks amazing.
I'm working on the M as the moment and am kinda ticked off at not having time to do more until tonight!
I will be spending the Day in Bendigo with Miss D, who is having her braces off today!
first appointment is at 10 am, then again at 3 pm to fit the retainers!
Oh heck I just realized: I'll be stuck in town with a teenage girl! HHHHEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPP!!!

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