Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time flies!

Still trying out the new camera! I "surprised" Mr. L when I took this picture!
I just love that I just got out of bed look! lol
At the moment he's the only one that will stand still when I take pictures the girls all cover their face when I walk around with my camera in hand! ( Spoil Sports!!)
Can you believe this sweet little face will turn 11 on the last day of the year?
Time sure flies!
I still remember fighting with the nurses about who was going to feed or change his nappy! Lol
He was born in a small country hospital and he was the only baby in there! When I decided to leave after 5 days they almost tied me to the bed to make me stay longer!


Yankee Ridge Primitives said...

Awww...freckles AND red hair, LOVE them! Im a freckle red hair gal too:) Arent new cams fun?? Im STILL learning mine and its been 6 mo

Jazy said...

it's our second red hair and freckles kid! although the first one now dyes her hair black, blonde, what ever takes her fancy! The joys of having a best friend who's doing a hair dresser course lol