Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm still here!

I'm still here! Just being busy with kids on Summer Holidays!
I sure don't remember Summer Holidays being this long when I was a kid! It seemed like you blinked and they were gone!
Above is a picture of the Valentines Penny rug candle mat that  Char had on her blog a little while ago! (go and check out Char's Blog The Pickled Pepper Patch if you don't know it already!it is a treasure trove of prim craft and decorating ideas!)
I don't get too excited about Valentine's Day but I just had to make that one!

another picture of a tablerunner I made! This one was made from an old woolen blanket I dyed green and I added some pennies at the edge of the runner!
It cheers up my dark dinning table a little!


Miss Muggins said...

Glad to see you haven't disappeared! Love the valentine mat.

Hayley @ Prim it Up! said...

Excellent job Jazy!!!