Wednesday, March 31, 2010

De-clutting Jazy Style!

I decided today to drop of a LARGE garbage bag full of clothes Miss D had out-grown!
So off to the local Op-shop I went! When I arrived to drop off the bag it was rather busy and as I like to exchange insults with the Lady(we get along very well and just like to tease eachother!) running the shop I waited til she had time to do so, I spend some time nosing around the shop. And then all of a sudden it was like I heard angels sing and a bright light was  coming from a box at the back (ok, so half a plate was sticking out and there wasn't really Angels singing etc!)  as I dived into the box to grab any treasures I saw, I realized everything in the box was a treasure!
I found:
2 mixing bowls (1 small and 1 large)
3 enamel casserole dishes in 3 diff sizes
1 glass lemon squeezer
1 wh/bl meat dish (smallish size) (est age 80+ years)

And the grand total I paid for all of this was $4

I don't know how I will feed the family this week but I think I got a good deal! LOL


Miss Muggins said...

You're terrible, Muriel! Can't help yerself. Let everyone think you are going to the oppy to get rid of stuff. Who are you fooling?
Great finds BTW! I'm just jealous!

Jazy said...

Well not fooling Mr J much at all! first thing he said when he came home for lunch was Thought you were dropping stuff off, not getting more!!