Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And another one gone!!

I was a bad girl this weekend! Instead of finishing off some of my U.F.Os 
I started a new one on Saturday.
On Saturday morning I started off cleaning my craft room and came across a bag full of little scraps and got side tracked from the cleaning.
A few days earlier I was having a look through my old Miniature Quilts mags and found the pattern for "Brick Wall" and decided to make that one. I went for the Big 'n Easy version of the quilt (bricks were cut 1 1/4" x 2")
The quilt top was finished at about dinner time Saturday (darn kids and hubby kept interrupting because they wanted to be fed, can you believe it?) 
Hand quilted it on sunday and finished adding the binding at work on Monday. 
And I ended up with a sweet little 9"x12" quilt

Now what to do next?? Finish cleaning the craft room or maybe a U.F.O? 


Anonymous said...

oh I love your mini quilts.. do you ever sell them? I made one once years and years ago..

Jazy said...

Hi Andy!
Thanks for your kind words!
I have sold some of my mini quilts, not for a while though!

Hayley @ Prim it Up! said...

Love it Jazy, you still have my addy right?? :D .. I'm thinking next year you need to bring a few of these when you come to visit!

Now, have J & the kids just met you? What would possess them to ask you to leave your quilting just to feed them? It's like they don't even know you *~shaking head~*

Jazy said...

I know Haley! the nerve of them!
Addy? what addy?? and besides I'm brining a teeny tine suitcase! will buy a bigger one so I bring all the presents you're gonna give me home!!