Sunday, June 13, 2010

I did it!! I can knit in English!!

As English is my second language, I had to re-route my brain (yes I know, some of you doubt I have a brain!!)  to be able to follow patterns in English. Now I worked it out in all kinds of crafts except knitting! I could not get it right, no matter how hard I tried!!
Until this weekend!! I found this Blog and while reading found the entry about the Crazy Cable Knitting Myth! 
And I went off in search for a cable knitting needle (House to Home in town sells them) some wool (local oppy helped there!) and sat down to work it out!
And work it out I did! I haven't even been able to follow a cable pattern in my native language (dutch) but there I was sitting under my blanky knitting away!
I actually was still knitting at 12:08 am as my hubby pointed out! So I rang in my birthday with a pair of needles in hand! What better way to do that!


Miss Muggins said...

You needed to wait until you were officially an Aussie before you could master it! Well done, the cables are super. What a fab way to spend your birthday. Hope J and the kids spoil you rotten xxx See you next weekend???

Sandi and Kassy Ramirez said...

Looks awesome! Congrats