Sunday, September 26, 2010

What to do when Hubby takes a kid to the dentist!

Ok I admit I'm terrified of the Dentist, so unless I have to go for myself, it is Mr J's job to take the kids to see her.
Mr L needed a filling done so his strong and handsome daddy took him to the Dentist after dropping Mum off at the nearest Op-shop! (See I did give some support! I was in the same town!)
I spend an anxious 45 minutes shopping at the Boort Op-shop (if you're ever in Boort, well worth a visit!)
And thought I'd died and gone to vintage glass heaven! 
I spend up big( $4!) and came out with 6 pirex dessert bowls, 3 cut glass dessert glasses, 2 different ice cream glasses, a cut glass bonbon dish. And finally this darn cute cut glass hair pin dish ( see pics above!)
As you can tell there is something missing from the lid (no idea what, but I'm guessing some sort of stone)
I thought it wouldn't bother me so much, but it did so this morning I'm making something to stick there!
Stay tuned!!


reginag said...

I have my personal storage. This looks nice though.

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