Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Cheer!

Another Christmas over! It is now time to look forward to the New Year. 2008 was a good year for me! We got though it without any major problems, can we ask for anything more? If 2009 is like 2008 I will be very happy!
There have been a few tings I can cross off my list of things I've never done before!
1. Starting a blog! This is something I really enjoy doing. I love sharing my ideas and accomplishments with friends all over the world.
2. Driving through the City (Melbourne) I've only gotten my Drivers Licence 2 years ago (I know rather late in life!) and was just too chicken to drive in the city. Now I know it was very late at night and there wasn't much traffic, but I still did it! (just don't tell the mother in law! my excuse for not being able to come to the family Christmas was that Hubby had to work and I can't drive in the City!)

We also spend a lovely evening with Miss Muggins and her husband. I was forced to try out Singstar (another thing to cross of the done list), and my hubby had trouble letting go of the microphone! It seems we're getting Singstar at home too ( thanks very much Miss Muggins!!)


Miss Muggins said...

You are welcome my friend! You were very good at Singstar I must say - you need to give yourself a bit more credit. I think there will be fights for the mike!

Miss Muggins said...

Just dropping by to tell you that I have nominated you for an award - feel free to take it or leave it!