Saturday, December 13, 2008

OH NO SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I decided to make a small 8 inch Santa from a Bird in the Hand Primitives pattern!
all went well until I had to bake the little fella! Silly me forgot to se the timer and let poor Santa cook a little longer (ok so it was a lot longer) then planned.
Of course I will never admit this to hubby or the kids!! I meant to make a black Santa!!!! I really did! LoL
I still think Santa looks cute, even with his massive sun tan!!


Jenn said...

I think he looks great all nice n tan:)
Whats his coat make out of?

Winterwood said...

he IS an australian santa with a summer tan! he is v cute!

Jazy said...

The coat was made out of some old fabric from my stash!