Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rediscovering an Old favourite!

After sewing dolls, quilts, ornies, embroidery for many years I have re-discovered Cross Stitch!
It was one of the first crafts I  learned sitting at my Grandma's knee (the first being knitting and crochet)when I was a tiny little 4 year old (OMG is that really already 41 years ago? NOOO It can't be!)
Wasn't I the cutest??
 So now I've dug out the embroidery threads and have been stitching up a storm! I'm really giving the old eyes a work out as I'm stitching on Osnaburg or even an old linen teatowel as in the first photo. I put an Australian 5 cent piece next to it to give an idea of the stitch size ( although I did notice just now the needle does a good job there already!)


Miss Muggins said...

teeny tiny stitches, and a little cutie too!

Val - Apple Cottage said...

You sure were the cutest! Just goes to show the importance of teaching our littlies and instill in them a love of craft at such an early age. Got to have patience, but it's worth it. Love your cross stitch.