Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a Trip to Maldon

Oh what to do on a cold and boring Sunday? Well we loaded the one remaining kid (Miss Teenager decided to spend nights and days with teenage friends (so much cooler then hanging with the old folks!))and headed for Maldon a small goldrush town with a much loved ( by Mr L and his Dad) Lollie shop and of course antique shops and patchwork shop for mum!

below a picture of main street Maldon ( see that hot Mamma in the blue jeans and brown shirt? Yep that is me! I'm surprised hubby could contain his excitement long enough to take the picture! LOL)


We had a great lunch at one of the pubs in town and drooled over some shops that were for sale and dreamed about buying one and moving to Maldon. SIGH!!! maybe one day!
Then we made a quick d-tour to Castlemaine to visit Threadbear  quilt shop! WOW that is one great shop! all the repro fabrics I could dream off and then some! Hubby waited outside and at once stage came rushing in coz he could smell the melting credit card! 

On the way back home hubby indulged my (as he calls it "creepy") fasination with old Cemeteries and we visited the cemetery in Maldon.

Now is it just me do you think it is a little weird that both the boys were called Thomas?
I remember seeing a family grave in Holland were 6 of the 8 kids were called Jan (the other 2 were girls) the next boy was called Willem. Did mum and dad have a talk and go: do you think the name Jan is killing all the boys before they are a year old?? maybe try a different one??

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What a great day..thanks for sharing it.