Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Busy! Busy! Busy!

How is it possible that the house is such a mess after only 2 days of school holidays?

I swear the kids just drop all their stuff where ever! I've just moved the couch cushions only to find 2 empty chips packets?? Was there a memo saying the couch is now a bin??( and does that mean the bin is now the couch??)

On a quilty note, I did get some sewing in!! (Sewing before cleaning is the rule isn't it??) I made 4 more Courthouse steps blocks. Hopefully I get the top done this weekend, that will give me a chance to start quilting it during the week

1 comment:

Miss Muggins said...

Good to see you've got your priorities straight. The couthouse blocks look super!
P.s see you tomorrow - hope my daughter is behaving herself!