Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy busy days!

It looks like I've gone missing in action for a few days!

For some silly reason I got really busy over the last few days! First of Danielle turned 13 on Saturday! (13 already?? I'm sure she was only born 10 min ago!!! I must have blinked and missed it!)

I took her and a friend to Bendigo, for a shopping trip. I dropped them of in town and went shopping with Lewis. That boy is a star!!! he didn't complain much at all! the only time he complained was after our stop at Attic Crafts and he got stuck among a bus load of quilters, who all felt the need to hug and kiss him because he went shopping for fabric with his mum. His words after we left: "Quilting ladies are just too friendly!!" LoL he did well for a 10y old boy there! He most definitely is my Favourite son ( ok so he's my only son! that is just besides the point LOL)

Danielle and her friend managed to spend most of her birthday money!! she had a ball! And of course the fun wasn't over yet as the friend stayed the night! I don't think they slept at all! Now Danielle is looking forward to having another friend come over for a few days in the school holidays! I'm just wondering can I handle it???


Miss Muggins said...

You'd best be able to handle it seeing as its my daughter we're talking about! lol

Jazy said...

I do have permission to lock her up in the local police cells right?

Miss Muggins said...

Thanks for your kind words about my swan sewing set. I hope someone wants to buy it!