Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easter is on its way!!!

After a trip to the supermarket full of Easter Eggs and hot cross buns yesterday I was bitten by the Easter decorating bug and went looking for my bunny patterns in my newly clean sewing room ( and so easy to find now!! ) So I've managed to sew up 1 cute wool hare from a Chestnut Junction pattern, and am preparing to work on a few more things!

I knew I would use that old wool pants one day lol

Got some styrofoam eggs I'm planning on covering with some ripped fabric strips!

The things you can do while dh is gone for a few days! He's in Wittlesea for 5 days with his work. Meanwhile I'm sewing up a stormwhile the kids watch Jurrasic Park


Miss Muggins said...

He's is just wonderful. Is he a trouser hare?

Laura said...

How cute he is! I just love working in wool.