Friday, March 6, 2009

Work Spaces

Finally I got going cleaning my sewing/craft room!
And as long as I don't turn around and look at the computer area, I'm inpressed with my self! LOL

And I've found things I had thought long lost in the last several house moves we had! Of because of that the Old UFO pile has grown a wee bit too! I was going by the "If you can't see it, it isn't an UFO" rule!

On the Up side though, I did manage to finish off 1 UFO after finding it hiden in the back of the shelves. And what is gonna impress all of my friends is: it only took me 2 years to finish this little quilt top!!! I'm aiming to get it all done by Monday evening!!

Be impressed, be very impressed:

2 years of work here! (ok I had a LOOOOONG break from this!) I did have to embroider 2 blocks again as some how 2 went walk-about!

1 comment:

Miss Muggins said...

Only 2 years hey! I finished mine about 10 years ago! Looks good, bout time!