Saturday, March 7, 2009


It's Saturday again already! We're having a nice quiet weekend at home! With hubby going away working for 5 days straight we all decided quiet is good! Of course I did manage to visit the opshop in town and score a few nice things! I even manage to find a lovely woolen skirt and a pair of wool pants as well, just as I was planning on sewing a bunny from a Chestnut Junction pattern. Now the dilema is, am I going to make a plain grey Bunny or a checkered one?

As I was leaving the shop I
discovered a sweet box covered with fabric! As a Prim Girl I couldn't leave with out it of course! as soon as I got home it got a make-over

Doesn't it look darling??

I actually went to the op-shop because when I went for a walk a few nights back I spied 3 little Pineapple bowls, that I just had to have! because of all kinds of reasons I didn't make it into the shop until today! And I'm happy to say I've got my 3 little pineapple bowls! Now what am I gonna do with them?? Not sure yet, but it will come to me lol
The 2 wooden Candle sticks are in the freezer at the moment because ther is some wax on it that needs to come off before we can sand it down and paint it

Thank goodness we have a long weekend here! I've got some crafting to do!!

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Miss Muggins said...

That's quite a haul my friend! Love the box. But pineapple bowls? What on earth? Can't wait to see what you come up with.