Sunday, March 29, 2009

I could just eat her too!

I thought if I'm going to show off L's freckles, I should show you all D's hair too!

When I was little I really REALLY wanted 2 things for my self: Curly, Red hair! Unfortunately I was cursed with thick, straight mousy brown hair! ( well at least that is what it is in photo's when I was little! Can't remember back that far back!)
So K (dd1) was a baldy that turned blond, then along came M (dd2) and had the most gorgeous red hair when it finally grew! ( all my kids were almost bald til the were 2) but she now covers it in dark brown hair dye!
Then along came D (dd3) and once her hair started growing this is what it turned into ( see pic above). Now that's what I wanted!!
At 13 we're not always seeing eye to eye, but she is a great kid! Smart (like her Mummy!), pretty (once again like her Mummy!) and sometimes loud ( definitely from her Daddy!)
each time we had another baby, we were blessed with a perfect little girl, but after D I think God believed we had enough female perfection. There was no way he could top that!

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