Sunday, March 29, 2009

We're Home!

in photo: left is J, sil K bil R and seating in laws friend W

We went for the weekend to Apolo Bay, for my Brother in Law C's 40th birthday and of course the music festival!

We were booked in with inlaws K and R in a lovely little cottage in town for the weekend. There the party go-ers prepared for the Party of the year! C had a dress-up as someone from the movie Conan the Barberian. I stayed at the cottage with D and L as it was a no-kids allowed party (and from what I heard it was a good thing too! lots of drunken debauchery going on, as is befitting of Barberians!)
We spend the days walking around Apolo Bay, soaking in all the lovely music and cups of coffee


Miss Muggins said...

where is the photo of you dressed up I ask?

Jazy said...

there isn't one! I sacrificed and watched the kids! LoL