Saturday, November 15, 2008

Snowman Ornie Tutoral

I thought I'd share how to make these simple ornies with you!

What ya Need: (this is for a 2.5" ornie the one shown here is 5", much easier to see!)

2x 3" sq of cotton batting, tea-dyed

2 black button for eyes

4 black button for mouth, these should be smaller then the eyes

2" stick for nose
Embroidery threads in Black, Brown and cream

Strip of town fabric or twine 8" long



Trace a 2.5" circle on cardboard. I used a bottle I had handy. Cut out cardboard circle and trace onto cotton batting

Cut out, put 1 circle aside, this goes onto the back later to hide the stitching.

Take the 2 larger buttons and place onto circle and sew into place, blush the cheeks, and sew the smaller buttons into place for the mouth ( what also works is x stitches instead of buttons, or snaps)

potition nose twig and sew on using brown thread (3strands)

Put second circle behind the first, and sew together with 2 strands of cream thread.

Add strip of ripped fabric or a piece of twine to the back to hang.

These ornies are nice and easy to make! Why not make them with the little people in your life?

L working on his

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