Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby Sitting Duties!

The things you do for your kids!

I was looking forward to a nice quiet day all by my self (hubby working, kids either to Bendigo or the Show)
In storms Danielle with her friend who just got himself a kitten at the show! "Mum can you babysit for a few hours?? Pretty Please??
Now if you look at that cutey in the above picture, how could I say no?? So here I sit with a little furball snuggled into my neck! Oh lordy, I just hope I can let it go in a few hours!!! Coz heaven knows we don't need anymore animals!! (1 dog, 2 cats is enough!!!!)


Miss Muggins said...

That is just too cute for words! Would be very hard to say goodbye....

Jenn said...


I didnt know you have a blog! Im SO glad I found you:) How have you been?

Jazy said...

Darn. looks like I'm nowhere safe!!LoL Glad to see you here too