Monday, October 20, 2008

Farm work

No I don't really live or work on a farm, but this morning I was called to do farm work.

Herding sheep that is! In the garden (and I use he term garden losely)next door, they keep 2 sheep to keep down the grass (easy job for the 2 sheep! it is so dry here grass doesn't grow much!)

So this morning I open my blinds to have one sheep standing on the veranda looking in, and I can see the other one making a B-line to my rose bushes. So like the shy petal that I am, I threw on my robe, grabbed my thongs and was out the door to get it away from the rose bushes!(if I wasn't so shy, I'd run out there almost nekkid! why are the most comfortable pjs always the more ratty ones??

Funny thing is they weren't impressed with me chasing them, kids thought it was very funny watching me! One of them managed to get a pic of one of the sheep (thank goodness AFTER it was pee-ing and not while it was doing that!)

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Miss Muggins said...

Oh I would have loved to have seen that!