Monday, October 20, 2008

Work in Progress

11 done, only 69 to go


Winterwood said...

Hi jazy - thanks for stopping by my blog! another Aussie girl...great I love to hear from my 'neighbours'!...and its good that there are other prim lovers out here too not just in the US> otherwise it gets kind of lonely! I love your line - wroking to support a craft habit, how true is that? I went to spotlight yesterday just to browse off and came out with an armful of stuff and an empty wallet! lol... but its lovely to get some craft stuff supplies. ok, ok off read more blogs, must add you to the list, cheers krissie

Jazy said...

Krissy, you mean you sometimes have something in your wallet??? Unfortunatly(although hubby will say thankfully) the nearest Spotlight is 1.5h from here!!