Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh My , does time fly!

After a busy busy week, with work and family I realized it was nearly a week that I wrote something here on my blog!
We have had a rather busy week at work with all the drought assistance paper work coming through for a lot of the farmers here. Lordy the paper work it brings for us though!
At home, I've been hounding the kids more then usual to clean up their rooms. Specially the girl have trouble realizing what a wardrobe is for (besides kissing it with lipstick on that is!) and just dump their clothes washed or unwashed on the floor. How they know what is clean or not Ill never know.
On a quilty note, I've now finished 17 of the red/white Courthouse Steps done (only 60 more to go!) Then I got my Create and Decorate magazine today, and my to do list has grown once more.
And after waiting and waiting for the kids to use my tray, I've made myself braekfast in bed Saturday morning.

On Sunday we dragged some of the kids to Bendigo for a visit to the Art Gallery. Lewis and Megan enjoyed it a lot and the lovely lunch we had across the road from the Gallery was fun too!


Miss Muggins said...

Not much point waiting any longer for brekkie - sometimes you just gotta do it for yourself!

Winterwood said...

sounds like you hada busy weekend like me! love going around art galleries too!