Friday, October 17, 2008

What I've been working on

Before After

Last Sunday we had our Annual Lions Trash and Treasure market. This year there as a lot more trash then treasure, but I managed to spend a little money!
2 early edions of Australian childrens books: Seven Little Australians and the Twins of Emu Plains, a Russian Crystal decanter and 5 glasses, 2 small jugs, 5 small kerosene lamps and this little tray! All for under AU$20!! I even impressed my self there LoL.
I didn't care much for the tray in its original state, but I could see the potential for it. And being the considerate mum that I am, I thought it would be so much easier on the kids if they had a tray to use when they make me breakfast in bed! (I'm sure not having one is what stopped them from doing that more often!
So this morning before work I sanded back the try and gave it 2 coats of Burgundy paint, sanded it back lightly and VOILA, it looks not too bad!


Miss Muggins said...

Oh you make me laugh so! I hope your spiffy new tray lives up to your Brekky in bed dreams!

Jazy said...

Well I won't hold my breath LoL