Friday, October 17, 2008

What I've been working on Part 2!

Whoopsies hit that publish button a little to quick!!

I also managed to make some thing pretty!!!

A friend had send me a piece of an old quilt, and I was rather stumped on what to do with it. That was until last night, when I was going though my stack of old pattern books and stumbled Season of Joy by Wendy Brigg! In there I found pattern for a standing Heart.

Off I went to collect my ingredients! Oh No I haven't got a wooden spool!! No Fear!! I remembered the old pepper mil I picked up a while ago in the Op-Shop!! It worked out great!

And it just proves to Hubby that sometimes I do use the "Junk" I collect! So what if I bought it years ago! All that matters is that I eventually used it!! Right??

So may I introduce to you my version of Wendy Brigg's Heartfelt Angel applique standing heart

1 comment:

Miss Muggins said...

I absolutely love this angel and how you have used unloved items to make something new.