Friday, October 31, 2008

Hello Friday!!

Can you believe it is already the last day of October?? It seems like it was only yesterday when the year started!

I've been busy the last week sewing Christmas Ornies, still need to put the finishing touches on them! made a doll, which I will stuff over the weekend.

Need to think of what I could do with 12 little pie tins! LoL as usual I bought them without giving that any thought!

and finally my roses are starting to bloom! I don't know why, but every other rose bush in town has been flowering, I've gavethem fertilizer but no flowers until this week!! Even my new Dublin Bay rose has a flower!


Miss Muggins said...

Thought you asked what you were going to do with 12 tie pins! A secong reading revealed pie tins. Oh dear - think I need some sleep!

Winterwood said...

oh show us your ornies!!! I love roses and mine are finished blooming for now :(