Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shopping Trip

Sometimes plans just don't work! I went to Boort yesterday to buy some quilty things only to get sidetracked by a new shop across the road! Just my kind of junk shop too! Lots of depression glass and Kitchenalia. The picture on the left are the treasures I found, I could have bought so much more, but funny enough hubby and kids insist on having food every now and then (annoying habbit I must say!)
And before I had a chance to buy my quilty things my phone reminded me I had a dr appointment in 45 min, so I'll just have to go back again soon!!

Loving my new Teacup


Miss Muggins said...

Wow what a great booty you scored- must visit this shop next time i'm in town!

Jazy said...

shop? what shop??
I ain't sharing that one with you!! There would definatly be fighting in there! LoL

JenW!~ said...

Sounds like you had a nice shopping trip and what great goodies you bought.